Oana Eleonora Piscureanu is a Romania-based painter and illustrator, who has been mesmerized since childhood by vibrant colors and fairy-tales characters. Her unique style sparks with expressive lines, complemented with illustrative brush strokes and shiny colors. Oana’s artworks are a statement of labor of love, conscious passion and simple dedication to art.


orn under the sign of Pisces, Oana showed an introvert, romantic and sensitive personality, falling in love with painting, music and voyages. She was in a close relationship with art since her childhood, nourishing this passion with various creations ranging from adornments, origami, postcards, decor pieces for her family and friends. Her first painting was exhibited during her high-school studies and besides drawing, painting and hand-made accessories, she has also developed a passion for poetry.
Oana is painting with acrylic, tempera and watercolors, on various surfaces like canvas, cardboard, paper and wood; she is combining painting with graphics and drawing utilizing diverse techniques. She is getting her inspiration from impressionist, cubist painters, and mostly from neo-impressionism, working in divisionism and pointillism techniques. Living and creating from memory, soul or passion, Oana’s creations surprisingly vivid are the result of inside explorations of desires and fears, and unexpectedly are returning to the viewer deliberate beauty.